AG Academy
The Academy is an area in Prodigy. It was released for beta testing to random players in late September of 2018. It is now available to everyone.


  • It was rumored/speculated that there will be a sixth gem making the last gem obtainable in the The Lost Island, where Swoopy is the Master Wizard. This was proven false when the Academy was released...especially with the January 15 update that shows only 5 warden keystones in the Unlocking Menu.
  • A new quest in the Great Hall section of the Academy has been opened, allowing for the ability to obtain the Academy Amulet.
  • Another new quest in the area for the Wardens in the Academy has Florian, the Plant/Earth Warden, given you a quest to save him in the eight towers of his domain.
  • All pets encounterable in the Archives do not have battle partners.
  • All pets encounterable in the Plant Tower are accompanied by two other battle partners.
  • Florian, the Plant/Earth Warden, is the brotherly sibling of Flora.

Unlocking the Academy

  1. Go to your map. Clicking on the Academy will state that you must reach level 15 and complete a battle.
  2. Win/complete one battle against a pet.
  3. After the battle, Noot will receive a letter for entrance of the Academy.

Noot's Letter

"I just received a letter! It's...from the Academy's Keeper! He says there's a portal that just opened up near the Academy building that leads inside. We can get back in! Let's head on over there as soon as we can!"

Plot Continuation

Clicking on the Academy after this allows you to enter into a forested area. Pippet is approaching, so you must hide behind a coniferous tree along with Noot. Pippet utilizes his known shadow spells and forms the portal. You enter into the Academy - Great Hall area. Confronted by Gale, the Academy Merchant, and Noot, you have the ability to enter a new section of the plot.

Entering the Academy

Gale: Noot! Is that you?!
Noot: Gale! Am I glad to see you. I've brought a new friend to help defeat the Puppet Master!
Gale: So you got my letter! Where did you find this wizard? How powerful are they? Oh, where are my manners, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Gale, the keeper of the academy. Well, I was. I don't know if I can call myself that anymore with what has happened. I suppose it's my fault that we're in this mess.
Noot: Don't blame yourself, Gale. It's not your fault.
Gale: Thank you, Noot. Actually, since you're here, there IS something you could help me with, if you're up to the task.
Noot: Of course!
Gale: Good to hear. The Academy's Archives contain valuable pages of information that wizards need to study. However, the Puppet Master has cast a powerful spell mixing up all of the Archive's rooms and making them a mess! I would go to retrieve the pages myself, but the mess and confusing makes my head spin. So I need you to go down instead. Any pages you come across, please bring them back to the Academy's merchant. He will reward you in turn for your help. Oh, and one last thing! Here is an amulet that will let you warp into the Academy.

Academy Amulet

(You got an item! [You obtained the Academy Amulet {Key Item}])

Gale: Best of luck. I'm counting on you.
Noot: All right, looks like it's up to us to investigate the Archives. When you're ready, just click on the stairs!

Academy Archives

The hourly-available archive quests are home to some of the strangest wonders in Prodigy to exist. Inside, the main currency to collect are Academy Papers, turned in with the Academy Merchant for special merchandise. The archives are always different in layout every time you enter due to the mind illusions set up by the Order of Influence. Inside, there are many maze-like labyrinth rooms with one having an entrance, one having a portal, and five others containing rare golden pages used as special paper currency for special wizard studies. Collecting all five golden pages per entry will allow you to confront the portal and unlock a prize in turn for your assistance.

New Warden Quests

January 15, 2019 - Plant/Earth Warden (Florian)

 ??? ???, 2019 - Ice Warden (???)

 ??? ???, 2019 - Storm/Mech Warden (???)

 ??? ???, 2019 - Fire Warden (???)

 ??? ???, 2019 - Water Warden (???)

Obtainable Items

From Golden Pages (Acromi Wheel)

  • Cat-o’-Lantern
  • Archivist Weapon
  • Archivist Hat
  • Archivist Outfit
  • Stack O’ Books (Furniture/House)
  • Stack O’ Books Morph Marble
  • Brown Hamster Morph Marble
  • Archivist Boots
  • Frog Wizard Hood
  • Celestial Wand

From Academy Merchant

  • Astral Hood
  • Astral Robes
  • Astral Boots
  • Academy Standard Wand
  • Academy Hat
  • Academy Uniform
  • Academy Uniform Shoes
  • Invisibility Cloak
  • Cat-o'-Lantern
  • Glow-worm
  • Enchanted Book
  • Floatling Doll
  • Academy Banner
  • Archives Bookcase
  • Browl
  • Mystember

From Florian and the Plant Tower (Vine Wheel)

From ??? and the Ice Tower (??? Wheel)

From ??? and the Storm Tower (??? Wheel)

From ??? and the Fire Tower (??? Wheel)

From ??? and the Water Tower (??? Wheel)


Obtain Passively (No Battles Required)

Pet How to Obtain in the Academy
Browl Purchase for Academy Pages by the Academy Merchant
Mystember Purchase for Academy Pages by the Academy Merchant
Brumble Complete the entire tower quest in the Plant Tower, un-bubble Florian, and let him give to you.

Archives (Rescue)

Plant Tower (Rescue)

Direct Encounter

Indirect Encounters ONLY

Ice Tower (Rescue)

Direct Encounter

Indirect Encounters ONLY

Storm Tower (Rescue)

Direct Encounter

Indirect Encounters ONLY

Fire Tower (Rescue)

Direct Encounter

Indirect Encounters ONLY

Water Tower (Rescue)

Direct Encounter

Indirect Encounters ONLY

This page may be incomplete due to a lack of information about how many and which monster species can be encountered in the archive quest rooms. If you have any other monster sighting not included on this list, contact an admin!