Arbite is a storm element pet in Prodigy.


Arbites resemble a ghost, with a purple hood and eyes made of light. There is a green hand sticking out of its cloak and it holds a large scythe.

In-Game Description

"Contrary to popular belief, Arbites cannot fly through walls - and in fact are quite clumsy in the dark."

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is weak against:

This pet is powerful against:

This pet is neutral against:


Cloaker ---> Level 18 ---> Arbite


Spell Slot Level Learned
Spark Sphere A 1
Shockwave A N/A
Ion Cannon A N/A
Static Shock B N/A
Storm's Coming B N/A
Unlimited Power B N/A
- - - C N/A
- - - C N/A
- - - C N/A
- - - D N/A
- - - D N/A
- - - D N/A


There is currently no world named after Cloaker, but there might be one in a future update!


  • Aribite shares small, more ragged resemblance to the Puppet Master.
  • Arbite is unlike Cloaker who doesn't hold a scythe.


Screenshot 8

Arbite using Cloudshot

Screenshot 6