Arboreal resembles a pale green forest nymph. It appears to have no legs, as the bottom of its dress is made of the roots of a tree. There is a throne of wood attached the the wooden hair and the wooden feet. It wear a sleeveless green dress with a white spiral, and has a small gold crown with a green pearl in the center.

In-Game Description

"Arboreal is known to grow much quicker than normal trees in the forest. They're also known to trip students in the forest with their long roots, just for fun."

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is weak against: 

This pet is powerful against:

This pet is neutral against:


Saplette  ---> Level 16 ---> Arboreal ---> Level 36 ---> Vinequeen


Spell Level Learned
Fungi Fling 1
Shrubbery Strike


There is world, Royalway, that is named after Arboreal.


Name Origin/Etymology

/ärˈbôrēəl/ - adjective

  1. (chiefly of animals) living in trees
    • relating to trees



This is Arboreal's icon.

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This is Arboreal's world, Royalway.