Astral Icon

Astral is the element of your wizard. There used to be pets with the ability to accumulate astral spells, but they can do so no longer.

Strengths And Weaknesses

Astral spells are powerful when used against Pippet, who has the attribute of the shadow element. Like all Shadow-element entities, they are weak to the spells of the Astral element. The Astral element is currently not weak to any other elements.

Current Astral Spells

Old Astral Spells

  • Magi-Shot - Level 1
  • Batter Up! - Level 5
  • Conjure - Level 12
  • Pummel - Level 22
  • Powerbeam - Level 38
  • Zero - Level 52



Screenshot (161)

A wizard using Zero, an Astral spell

Screenshot (163)

Zero does normal damage

Screenshot (162)

A TripTrop pulled into Zero's vortex


Screenshot (777)

Falling Star Smash used against a Cloud Neek in the Academy archives.

Screenshot (734)

Super Nova used against a Luminex in the Academy archives.