Battaram is an ice element pet in Prodigy.


It is based on a ram, an animal that is related to sheep. It has white fur, large brown horns, long ears (like an elf), pink eyes, and a blue gem on it's forehead.

In-Game Description

"Battarams use their large horns to make loud noises, not unlike the beat of a drum, to make music."


Battaram ---> Level 22 ---> Battabash

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is weak against:

This pet is powerful against:

  • Storm element spells
  • Ice element spells

This pet is neutral against:


Spells Slot Level Learned
Icicle Shard A 1
Chill Out A N/A
Snowling Ball A N/A
Winter's Breath B N/A
Snowflake Strike B N/A
Spearicle Crush B N/A
- - - C N/A
- - - C N/A
- - - C N/A
- - - D N/A
- - - D N/A
- - - D N/A


There is currently no world named after Battaram. There might be a future update!


This pet evolves into a creature that looks like a mountain goat mixed with a sheep.