Big Hex resembles a humanoid robot, with a body that looks like it was made of mechanical scraps. It is red, white, yellow, and gray, with flashing blue eyes.

In-Game Description

"Big Hex can create almost any type of machinery from raw scraps, and can even power them using his own energy. Thanks to his creation, Big Hex can use magic to harness storm power and create powerful spells."

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is weak against:

This pet is powerful against:

This pet is neutral against:


It doesn't evolve from anything or into anything.


Spell Level Learned
Ion Cannon N/A
Unlimited Power N/A


There is currently no world named after Big Hex, but there may be one soon!


  • It was the first original EPIC released.
  • Big Hex-styled equipment can be bought from the Toy Merchant (wandering wares) for 15 relic coins apiece.
  • Big Hex was the first original Epic, said to fight the Puppet Master alone. Until... Arcturus, Florafox, Magmischief, and Diveodile came along to help it out as sidekicks. Yet with their power, they still couldn't defeat the Puppet Master and retreated to their statue form in the Epics Subspace. There, you can meet all 5 and learn about each of them (the Toy Merchant will be your guide).


B hex
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Big hex

Big Hex toy