Buddies are special creatures that have no effect on you whatsoever, except following you around in the main world. They can be equipped in the buddy slot, and their textures appear to be cages with an animal face at the bottom. Here is a list of them:


Event Buddies


  • Baby Reindeer: 35 Magic Snowflakes
  • Baby Snowman: 30 Magic Snowflakes
  • Penguin: 10 Magic Snowflakes


  • Spooky: 31 Candy Corn


  • Bunny Bandit Buddy - unknown
  •  ???Fox-Faction Buddy??? - unknown

Elemental Area Merchant Buddies

Rarity Key Name of Rarity
White Very Common
Green Common
Blue Uncommon
Purple Rare
Name Description Icon Area Rarity Price In Big Coins Member-Only?
Purple Owl "Shiverchill is home to many interesting creatures. The rare Purple Owl is one of them! Some say that these owls have magical powers." Shiverchill Mountains Purple 800 No
Saber-Tooth Cat "This furry friend loves to frolic in the snow and play hide and seek in the caverns deep within Shiverchill Mountains." Shiverchill Mountains Green 120 Yes
Supachill Monsta "Supachill Monstas are super chill and super fun to be around! They can't wait to go on new and exciting adventures." Shiverchill Mountains Blue 320 Yes
Peak Peck "Peak Pecks will absolutely love you as long as you feed then icicles every once in a while." Shiverchill Mountains Purple 800 Yes
Robota Monsta "Even robots have hearts. Love your Robota Monsta and this little robot will love you back!" Skywatch Blue 320 Yes
Cloudstrider "Cloudstriders were once used as Skywatch's sky watch, patrolling between the clouds. Now you can adopt one as your own. You will feel safer right away." Skywatch Purple 800 Yes
Cloud Sheep "These little sheep like to get around by riding on gusts of wind that sweep them up. If you ever see a group of them together, watch out! Their fur can rub together and create lightning storms!" Skywatch Purple 800 No
Steam-Powered Robot Bird 9001 "Steam-powered robot birds were created to help workers in Skywatch repair the weather machines." Skywatch Green 120 Yes
Fancy Ferret "These speedy little fellows can be pretty sneaky. Watch out, they may even try to hide your things!" Firefly Forest Green 120 Yes
Smelly the Skunk "Woah! What's that funky smell? It wasn't me." Firefly Forest Purple 800 Yes
Rainbow Panda "The rainbow panda is so hard to find in the forest, because it can blend in so well with its environment." Firefly Forest Blue 320 Yes
Flower Turtle "Some turtles that live in Firefly Forest fall asleep in the soil for long periods of time. When this happens, flowers begin to grow on their shell!"
Firefly Forest Purple 800 No
Hot Shot Monsta "These little guys love to play in lava and pop the lava bubbles." Bonfire Spire Purple 800 Yes
Pyro Peck "Who needs a campfire when you have your own Pyro Peck to keep you warm and cozy!" Bonfire Spire Blue ??? Yes
Cuddly Cactus "This cactus is surprisingly cuddly! The needles on it fall off at a very young age, leaving its soft skin free to cuddle!" Bonfire Spire Purple 800 No
Flame Salamander "These little fiery friends scamper, scurry, and swim through the lava of Bonfire Spire. Because of this, very few people have ever seen one!" Bonfire Spire Green 120 Yes
Cat Fish "It's a cat AND a fish! What's not to love!" Shipwreck Shore Green ??? Yes
Crab "What a cute little crab! He blows bubbles too! Pinch pinch pop!"
Shipwreck Shore Purple ??? No
Baby Squid "What's more adorable than a baby squid that squirts ink? Not much!" Shipwreck Shore Purple 800 Yes
Puffer Fish "This floaty fish is fun to have bob along behind you." Shipwreck Shore Blue 320 Yes

Buddies From Lamplight Town Pet Store

All of the pets here are 1,100 coins and require a Membership to purchase, with the exception of Brown Hamster, which is 800 coins and isn't a member-required buddy.


  • White Cat
  • Tuxedo Cat
  • Calico Cat
  • Grey Cat
  • Tabby Cat
  • Siamese Cat


  • Shepherd
  • Husky
  • Beagle
  • Shiba Inu


  • Barn Owl
  • Blue Parrot
  • Cockatiel
  • Grey Parrot
  • Horned Owl
  • Red Parrot


  • Chameleon
  • Gecko
  • Leopard Gecko
  • Turtle


  • Brown Hamster
  • Spotted Hamster

Academy Buddies

  • Cat-o'-Lantern (3,000 academy pages traded in with the Academy Merchant, or earn from the archive quests)
  • Glow-worm (members-only purchasable buddy from the Academy Merchant for 300 academy pages)
  • Enchanted Book (members-only purchasable buddy from the Academy Merchant for 500 academy pages)

Other Pets

  • Fox (obtain from linking parent account)
  • Baby Rex (obtain and open one of the previous Member Boxes)
  • Robo-Pup (obtain and open the December 2018 Member Box)
  • Sparkle Hamster (obtain from Twilight Wheel)
  • Sparkle Kitty (obtain from Twilight Wheel)
  • Sparkle Puppy (obtain from Twilight Wheel)
  • Timberwolf (obtain from the Arena Season 5 battles, become the top 1,000 players to compete)
  • Puffin (obtain one from the Arena Season 6 battles, become the top 1,000 players to compete)
  • Drone (obtain one from the Arena Season 7 battles, become the top 1,000 players to compete)
  • Mini Spybot (obtain one from the Arena Season 8 battles, become the top 1,000 players to compete)


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