Chill & Char resembles a dual-headed dragon chimera of both red and blue scale coloration. It has rocky fragments on its front claws, chest, stomach, and tail. The fire head (right) has horns and a mane of flames, while the ice head (left) has a crest of icy spikes. The two bodies form in the back as a whole purple back.

In-Game Description

"Chill & Char are inseparable! Their combo of ice and fire make them a great choice for all kinds of enemies!"

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is weak against:

This pet is powerful against:

This pet is neutral against:


It doesn't evolve from anything or into anything.


Spell Level Learned


There is currently no world named after Chill & Char, but there might be in a future update!


  • May be a reference to ancient mythical creatures like the Hydra, Dragon, Chimera, and a reference to a poem work of Robert Frost, "Fire and Ice".
  • It is the most expensive Epic toy yet! (Not anymore, because it is sold out).
  • It is released in Mid-November 2017 along with Tidus.
  • It is the first Epic Dragon, according to the toy box.
  • It was sold out in mid 2018, being the first to be sold out.
  • It's element and epic move was changed from fire and ice to water, possibly due to the fact that fire will melt ice creating water.
  • It used to be weak against fire, but now it is strong against fire.
  • Because Chill and Char is made up of two dragons, it may explain why there is only 4 epic dragons.
  • Was originally the first epic to be of two elements(as in the symbol, not as in the moves), but this was eventually removed in favor of only casting water spells.


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