ClipClop resembles a goat, with thick shabby, tan fur and large antlers. It wears green trousers and carries a big horn.

In-Game Description

"Unlike TripTrops, the music of a ClipClop is unpleasant, and most wizards cannot stand to listen to it for too long."

Strengths And Weakneses

This pet is weak against: 

This pet is powerful against:

This pet is neutral against:


TripTrop ---> Level 14 ---> ClipClop


Spell Level Learned
Fungi Fling 1
Shrubbery Strike


There is a world, Grumpus, that is named after ClipClop.


  • In battle, ClipClop blows its hair from his eyes in his sprite, similar to how TripTrop, its previous evolution, blows into its flute. However ClipClops have more hair.
  • There is evidence that ClipClop either can interact with wizards like a Tyscout would, or, darkly, murder their own kind.
  • The instrument it plays is exact to their horns, yet has a golden edge around the larger side. This is either the work of wizards or their own dark magic.
  • The entire evolution line carries a woodwind instrument.