Currency consists of mainly Gold Coins, but some other rewards can be earned for completing quests.

Copper Coins


Copper Coins are won randomly from battle and from Dyno Digging. They are used to purchase clothing based on the Epics.

In-Game Description

"A rusty old coin. Used for buying rare artifacts from the wandering merchant."

Titan Shards


Titan Shards are currency given out for:

  • One shard is given when you defeat Titan Barrier in a battle.
  • Up to 4 can be obtained in a Team Titan battle. However, that can be only 0-1 if you lose the battle.
  • 10, 30, 60, and 100 shards are given in their own amounts after completing the battle limit, and when Titan is slain.
  • Titan Shards are used as currency. If you happen to talk to Harvey he will allow you to purchase items with Titan Shards.

In-Game Description

"Shards broken off a Titan created by the Order of Influence. Can be given to a Floatling to have its Shadow magic removed from it, in exchange for rare items."

Academy Pages

These are items that are collected and used to purchase items from the Academy Merchant in the Great Hall of the Academy, and are useful for highly expensive items of this currency.

In-Game Description

"Adventure through the Academy's Archives to collect these pages, then exchange them at the Academy's shop."


Wood is a currently useless currency found in the Lost Island. Targeted monsters that are defeated in daily quests give players wood.

In-Game Description

"This special wood was used by Floatlings to construct makeshift houses as they traveled around island in search of knowledge."

Star Shards


Star Shards are the main currency of Starlight Festival. Some items were only purchasable with Dragon Flies, a limited (2017) edition of the Star Shard. They have no use outside of being exchanged with Mama Star.

In-Game Description

"The Primary Currency of the Starlight Festival. These are used to buy costumes and cool items in town square during the event!"

Dragon Flies


Dragon Flies were the old currency for the Starlight Festival back in 2016. Now, Dragon Flies are no

longer collect-able in game because the currency of the Starlight Festival has now changed to Star Shards.

In-Game Description

"The Captured Dragon Flies can be traded to Mama Star for special dragon-ish items."

Magic Snowflakes


Magic Snowflakes are the currency of Winterfest. They are used to buy gear and other items from

Howard Cornelius. They are useless outside of Winterfest.

In-Game Description

"Primary Currency of Winterfest. They are used to buy costumes and cool items during the event!"

Magic Eggs


Primary currency of Springfest. These are what spike the rivalry between the Fox Knights and the Bunny Bandits. These are used to buy clothing and other items from either Don Zorro or Harriet Hood. Useless outside of Springfest.

In-Game Description

"These magical eggs are only found when the Springfest is active. They can be collected by adventuring or performing Springfest activities. Spend them at the Fox or Bunny shops."

Big Coins

Big Coins are a currency added in January 2018 during the Economy Update. Each can be found by defeating mind-controlled monsters in certain elemental areas. They are also able to be obtained from Daily Rewards and from the two of Lamplight Town's Wheels of Wonder. They are used only at the with the area's Merchant.

Elemental Location Of Use Item Name Item Icon In-Game Description
Firefly Forest Florans
"Adventure in Firefly Forest to earn these woodland coins, then spend them at the Firefly Outfitters shop."
Shiverchill Mountains Shivers
"Adventure in Shiverchill Mountains to earn these icy coins, then spend them at the Snowday Sales shop."
Skywatch Aeros
"Adventure in Skywatch to earn these mechanical coins, then spend them at the Sky-High Values shop."
Bonfire Spire Hot-Hot
"Adventure in Bonfire Spire to earn these lava chips, then spend them at the Hot-Hot Threads shop."
Shipwreck Shore Yars
"Adventure in Shipwreck Shore to earn these pirate coins, then spend them at the Ocean Outfitters shop."


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