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The Dark Tower on the Island Map

The Dark Tower is completely a member-only area in Prodigy, PREVIOUSLY with only 5 floors available for non-members. Before the recent updates, non-members were able to climb the tower completely. Then an update only restricted them to the first five tower floors. Now, you must be a member to even get to the location on the map.


The tower is very tall and pointed at the top, and is colored with multiple hues of purple. It is rested on rocks, and has a bridge that leads to the entrance, as well as a ledge close to the top, and off the coast, a small humanoid-looking statue that is also purple. Some predict that the statue was of Mira herself.

Additional Information

The Dark Tower has 100 floors besides the outside area. Every floor, there is a chance wheel. Every five floors there is a group of monsters and if you beat each fifth floor your progress is saved, like a checkpoint.

From the chance wheel, you can get positive and negative effects. Those positive effects are: heal 120 hearts (represented by three hearts on the wheel), heal forty hearts (represented by a single heart), damage increased, and stars gained from battle increased. The negative effects are: lose 120 hearts (represented by three hearts on the wheel), lose forty hearts (represented by a single heart), damage decreased, and switching disabled unless you run out of hearts.

On the 100th floor, Mira Shade reveals herself as the fabled dark magician who lived on the top floor but occasionally came down to wizards outside of the first floor of the tower.

Prizes (from defeating Mira Shade at Floor 100)


Mira Shade

Mira Shade


Mira's Ultimate Form

Mira Shade is the girl who talks to you when you enter the Dark Tower. Usually, every five levels, you get coins from her. All the monsters in the Dark Tower are supposedly all of Mira's owned pets. If you get to the top of the Dark Tower, you will fight her in her ultimate form.

Mira's Ultimate Form

She appears levitating, clasped to a big statue of lightweight/magically gifted stones that are made to look like wings or a throne. She is the main boss of the Dark Tower and is level 100 (information not able to be seen) on the final floor. She uses all spells (except for those of shadow or boss-only spells like Shadow Shock, Royal Roar, and Ink Blot) in the game.

Outdated Spellspool

Fireball Embers Charclone Razorfire Fire Rain Dragos
Water Blast Water Bomb Rainy Day Water Bubble Geyser Angel's Fountain
Mudball Whirlwind Leaf Wind Absorb Earthsprite Blitz
Ice Cannon Ice Prison Blizzard Glacial Shield Snowman Ice to Meet You
Cloudshot Bolt Trinity Thunderdome Shocksphere Storm's Coming
Magi-shot Batter Up Conjure Pummel Powerbeam Zero

Updated Spellpool (not completely accurate)

Fireball Embers Combustion Charclone Volcannon Wildfire
Icicle Shard Winter's Breath Chill Out Snowflake Strike Snowling Ball Spearicle Crush
Spark Sphere Static Shock Shockwave Storm's Coming Ion Cannon Unlimited Power
Water Burst Bubble Barrage Aqua Spear Splash Down Torrent Downpourtal
Fungi Fling Shrubbery Strike Leaf Swarm Ka-Pow Cabbage Forest's Hurricane Overgrowth
Starbit Blast Star Cluster Prism Blast Light Wave Falling Star Smash Super Nova


Every floor has a tamed monster and every fifth floor a boss. Below is a table containing information on each one.

Floor Number Name

Moveset (Skills used)

Spells Level Pet or Boss
1 Funkeel 5 Pet
2 Squibble 5 Pet
3 Beneel 5 Pet
4 Squabble 5 Pet
5 Fathom


Both Level 5 Fathom: Pet,

Squarrel: Boss

6 Muckster 10 Pet
7 Truckle 10 Pet
8 ClipClop 10 Pet
9 Pomprikle 10 Pet
10 Shade


Both Level 10 Shade: Pet

Spectral: Boss

11 Sprite 15 Pet
12 Flameger 15 Pet
13 Ashlet 15 Pet
14 Infernewt 15 Pet
15 Serrazig


Both Level 15 Pet: Serrazig

Boss: Smoldash

16 Soral 20 Pet
17 Creela 20 Pet
18 Solarix 20 Pet
19 Celesteate 20 Pet
20 SolarasisAureate Both Level 20 Pet: Solarasis

Boss: Aureate

21 Peeko 25 Pet
22 Saplette 25 Pet
23 Rack-Rack 25 Pet
24 Arboreal 25 Pet
25 FlygerVinequeen Both Level 25 Boss: Vinequeen
26 Rascal 30 Pet
27 Gnawdy 30 Pet
28 Snoots 30 Pet
29 Shardic 30 Pet
30 Keeper, Crookfang, Arcticlaw All level 30 Boss: Arcticlaw
31 Burnewt 35 Pet
32 Wick 35 Pet
33 Fissural 35 Pet
34 Flaria 35 Pet
35 Mystyyk, Mystile, Mystember All level 35 Boss: Mystember
36 Squally 40 Pet
37 Funkeel 40 Pet
38 Burnewt 40 Pet
39 Squibble 40 Pet
40 Singenewt, Keeper, Tinyger All level 40 Boss: Tinyger
41 Battaram 45 Pet
42 Crookfang 45 Pet
43 Snoots 45 Pet
44 Keeper 45 Pet
45 Ivory TripTrop, Serrazag, Prodraxis All level 45 Boss: Prodraxis
46 Flame Neek 50 Pet
47 River Neek 50 Pet
48 Forest Neek 50 Pet
49 Cloud Neek 50 Pet
50 Dargon 50 Dargon
51 Tinyger 55 Pet
52 Gnawdy 56 Pet
53 Tinyger 57 Pet
54 Gnawdy 58 Pet
55 Gnawdy, Tinyger, Crookfang All level 60 Crookfang
56 Puck 65 Pet
57 Rascal 66 Pet
58 Scally 67 Pet
59 Hob 68 Pet
60 Keeper, Sentinel, Nebulite All level 70 Nebulite
61 Evolotus 75 Pet
62 Aureate 76 Pet
63 Vinequeen 77 Pet
64 Solarasis 78 Pet
65 Ivory Truckle, Flikflit, Dreamlet All level 80 Dreamlet
66 Puck 85 Pet
67 Rascal 86 Pet
68 Scally 87 Pet
69 Hob 88 Pet
70 Two Muckster, One Aquaster All level 90 Final Evolution
71 Flame Neek, Flame Caller Flame Neek 50, Flame Caller 85 Pet
72 River Neek, River Caller River Neek 55, River Caller 85 Pet
73 Forest Neek, Forest Caller Forest Neek 60, Forest Caller 85 Pet
74 Cloud Neek, Cloud Caller Cloud Neek 65, Cloud Caller 85 Pet
75 Rack-rack, Solarix, Dragling, Celesteate All Level 90 Celesteate
76 Peeko 95 Pet
77 Soral 96 Pet
78 Dragic 97 Pet
79 Creela 98 Pet
80 Frozine, Thundane, Sprout All Level 50 Wizard
81 Emburn 100 Pet
82 Squally 100 Pet
83 Liosen 100 Pet
84 Cloud Neek 100 Pet

Serrazag, Evolotus, and Prodraxis

Evolotus: 100, Serrazag: 100,

Flikflit: 53

Prodraxis: 100,

Evolotus: 43,

Dreamlet: 100

86 Cloud Gobbler 100 Pet
87 Dreamlet 100 Pet
88 Nebluff 100 Pet
89 Mimic 100 Pet
90 Your own team Same level as team No Boss
91 Smoldash 100 Pet
92 Arcticlaw 100 Pet
93 Vinequeen 100 Pet
94 Liosen Liosen: 100 Pet

Embershed, Flurrious, Aureate


Flurrious: 100,

Squally: 50,

Tempest: 55,

Aureate: 100,

Celesteate: 55,

Gloricious: 100,

Snoots: 58,

Highfawn: 60

96 Flame Neek, River Neek, Forest Neek All Level 50 Pet
97 Flame Caller, River Caller, Forest Caller All Level 75 Pet
98 Flame Creator, River Creator, Forest Creator All Level 100 Pet
99 Flame Neek, River Neek, Forest Neek All Level 50 Pet
100 Mira's Ultimate Form

All Elemental Spells

100 Mira Shade


  • When you defeat Mira on floor 100, you get all three prizes simultaneously.
  • All equipment must be obtained with a membership, as with the discontinuation of equipment items on the Twilight Wheel and conjure cubes now gone. It is unknown whether the prizes can be obtained from battle chests.



Entrance to the Dark Tower