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Firefly Forest on the map

Firefly Forest is an area on the map. It is near the left side of the map. You can find wizards to battle and rescue pets.


Firefly Forest has many whimsical and magical forest aspects, like multicolored and odd-colored trees, large mushrooms, fairy houses, lanterns, mossy statues, and more. Ponds of koi are found occasionally and it is hinted that an emerald mine is hidden in Firefly Forest. In battle, the overworld seems to match in appearance to the battling interface.

In-Game Description



Flora is the guardian of Firefly Forest. She instructs players on how to complete quests. Upon completing every quest, she gives your player the Firefly Gem.


Flora is a light green-skinned fairy, but she could possibly be a nymph. She has beautiful pink wings, bright blue eyes, and lime green hair that is in two ponytails. She wears a daisy in her hair, and has a pink necklace made of petals around her neck. It appears that she is wearing the Fairy Dress. She has pink spots (possibly blush) on her cheeks.


Gerald is the earth golem boss of the Firefly Forest, attributed with the plant element.


He appears to have rocky skin with bushes as shoulder and body coverings. He also has a daisy-like flower on the top of his head.

In-Game Description

"A Sleeping Golem, Boss of Firefly Forest. Awaken with care...he DOES glare."


  • You can still see him at Old Road Remains after you defeat him fast asleep. However, you cannot rematch him because you cannot play the magical flute again.
  • There is a Shadow Gerald that is encountered when entering Floran's Room in the Academy. It has the same shape and appearance to the regular Gerald except for having a grayer and more purple color scheme. However, it still keeps its Plant element characteristic but obtains the Shadow Shock spell.

Merchant Items

Item Type of Item Rarity Price (in Florans) Membership Requirements
Emerald Elf Cap Hats Rare (Purple) 600 Yes
Red Riding Hood Hats Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Elf Power Tiara Hats Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Firefly Hat Hats Common (Green) N/A No
Wood Knight Helm Hats Common (Green) N/A Yes
Mushroom Cap Hats Common (Green) N/A Yes
Red Riding Togs Outfits Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Elf Power Attire Outfits Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Emerald Elf Ensemble Outfits Rare (Purple) N/A Yes
Jester's Robes Outfits Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Earth Robe Outfits Common (Green) N/A No
Wood Knight Armor Outfits Common (Green) N/A Yes
Fairy Dress Outfits Uncommon (Blue) N/A No
Firefly Robes Outfits Common (Green) N/A Yes
Emerald Elf Booties Boots Rare (Purple) N/A Yes
Firefly Boots Boots Common (Green) N/A No
Light Shoes Boots Common (Green) N/A Yes
Magic Boots Boots Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Earthquake Wands Rare (Purple) 800 Yes
Enchanted Stick Wands Common (Green) N/A No
Vorpald Blade Wands Common (Green) N/A Yes
Fairy Sword Wands Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Efflorescence Wands Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Butterfly Wand Wands Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Mystile Pets Rare (Purple) N/A N/A
Scally Pets Uncommon (Blue) N/A N/A
Fancy Ferret Buddies Common (Green) N/A Yes
Smelly The Skunk Buddies Rare (Purple) N/A Yes
Flower Turtle Buddies Rare (Purple) N/A No
Rainbow Panda Buddies Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes

Relics Obtained Here

  • Basic Plant Relic (for Fungi Fling)
  • Strong Plant Relic (for Leaf Swarm)
  • Powerful Plant Relic (for Forest's Hurricane)


These pets can be found here:

Sides on battles only:

Some pets that used to be obtainable by rescuing but no longer are able to be encountered are:


Here are some nicknames available from Firefly Forest that aren't member-only:

  • Woodland (firstname)
  • (firstname) of the Forest

Here are the member-locked nicknames available in Firefly Forest:

  • (firstname) the Wild
  • (firstname) Snapdragon
  • (firstname) the Firefly


  • The only places you can encounter a Forest Neek is near Gerald, at the old road remains, or near the tree stump at the Firefly Clearing.
  • There is a chance that 1 out of 1,000 creatures encountered, evolutions of those creatures will spawn in Firefly Forest.
  • Floran is the Brother of Flora. He is also the 1st warden revealed to all players, and is the Earth Warden
  • There is a clone of Gerald that you encounter when going into Florian's Room.
  • Before the December 2016 update, this was the first unlockable area.