Frostfang is an ice element pet in Prodigy.


Frostfang resembles an arctic wolf wearing ice blue battle armor. As a sprite, it flicks its ears.

In-Game Description

"Frostfangs are so in touch with the cold that they can dance between falling snowflakes just for the fun of it."

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is weak against:

This pet is powerful against:

  • Storm element spells
  • Ice element spells

This pet is neutral against:


Arcticlaw ---> Level 25 ---> Frostfang


Spell Slot Level Learned
Icicle Shard A 1
Chill Out A N/A
Snowling Ball A N/A
Winter's Breath B N/A
Snowflake Strike B N/A
Spearicle Crush B N/A
- - - C N/A
- - - C N/A
- - - C N/A
- - - D N/A
- - - D N/A
- - - D N/A


There is currently no world named after Frostfang, but there might be in a future update!


  • This pet can be found during Winterfest as one of the pets disguised as snowmen.