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Harmony Island appears to be a jungle on its map icon, where vines and ruins can be seen to emanate the true feel of the area itself. There is a fresh blue pond behind a marble temple. There are a few trees surrounding it, on both parts of the riverside. Located on the right end of the island, there is a mossy marble arch. Green bushes border behind every other visual element on the island. The location is similar to Crystal Caverns except given a theme more closely resembling a 'jungle adventure.'


As the player enters Harmony Island, they will meet The Ancient, head of all trials that take place in the ruins. The player's goal is to break all three seals the Order has placed on her, so she can return to her true, more powerful form. To break these seals, the player must endure three separate trials. To attempt these trials, the player may participate in a Rune Run to collect runes. During a Rune Run, the player can earn various rewards such as runes and potions. After six runes are collected, The Ancient will allow the player to attempt to defeat her in one of her three trials. As a reward for breaking one of the seals by reducing her health to 0 hearts, the player will get an Ancient Relic. After that, the player must do the same 2 more times. After the second update she shows her true form, and then the player has to battle her 3 more times to get the Ancient Statue and the relics.


  • In Prodigy's artist video, a picture was leaked at 14:05 of Harmony Island. An enhanced and edited version of the photo which is easier to view can be seen here. It suggests that Harmony Island is a jungle. This has also been leaked from the JSON source code (this source is no longer functioning).
  • There have been hints showing there will be a continuation of Harmony Island since The Ancient said she will return after she rests. She says this after the player completes the third trial. A trial is finding monsters, defeating them in 4 sequences and winning. The first 2 parts of every trial is that the player has 2 paths; Easier but basic rewards (Green Crystal), and harder but greater rewards (Red Crystal). After the 2nd trial is done, there is only a blue crystal. This could be medium challenges, mixed rewards.
  • Prodigy released a teaser video on November 26, which much like the Crystal Caverns teaser was all for hype and excitement, and an indicator that it will be released soon. The teaser indicates that Harmony Island is thought to be a myth for generations in the Prodigy world.

Harmony Island Rune Run Bosses

Pet Encounters

Name Icon
Hob HobIcon.png
Rukus RukusIcon.png
Ivory TripTrop IvoryTripTropIcon.png
Spindle SpindleIcon.png
Pomprikle PomprikleIcon.png
Cloud Creator CloudCreatorIcon.png
River Creator RiverCreatorIcon.png
Ice Creator IceCreatorIcon.png
Wick WickIcon.png
Nebulite NebuliteIcon.png
Sprite SpriteIcon.png
Serrazig SerrazigIcon.png
Serrazag SerrazagIcon.png
Flikflit FlikflitIcon.png
Cloaker CloakerIcon.png
Forest Creator ForestCreatorIcon.png
TripTrop TripTropIcon.png
Luminite LuminiteIcon.png
Lumiot LumiotIcon.png
Luminex LuminexIcon.png
ClipClop ClipClopIcon.png
Keeper KeeperIcon.png
Gnawdy GnawdyIcon.png
Crookfang CrookfangIcon.png
Ignios IgniosIcon.png
Flaria FlariaIcon.png
Sentinel SentinelIcon.png
Scally ScallyIcon.png
Smoldash SmoldashIcon.png
Ashlet AshletIcon.png
Battaram BattaramIcon.png
Battabash BattabashIcon.png
Fathom FathomIcon.png
Funkeel FunkeelIcon.png
Aquaster AquasterIcon.png
Muckster MucksterIcon.png
Fissural FissuralIcon.png
Liosen LiosenIcon.png
Emburn EmburnIcon.png
Mimic MimicIcon-Modern.png
Shardic ShardicIcon.png
Squarrel SquarrelIconNew.png
Squabble SquabbleIcon.png
Squibble SquibbleIcon.png
Tyscout TyscoutIcon.png
Tinyger TinygerIcon.png
Arboreal ArborealIcon.png
Vinequeen VinequeenIcon.png
Burnewt BurnewtIcon.png
Infernewt InfernewtIcon.png
Embershed EmbershedIcon.png
Truckle TruckleIcon.png
Arcticlaw ArcticlawIcon.png
Frostfang FrostfangIcon.png
Squally SquallyIcon.png
Flurrious FlurriousIcon.png
Evolotus EvolotusIcon.png
Prodraxis ProdraxisIconNew.png
Browl BrowlIcon.png
Acromi AcromiIcon.png
Pokkit PokkitIconNew.png
Claustro ClaustroIcon.png
Batterbot Batterbot.png
Bitbot BitbotIcon.png
Cloud Nibbler CloudNibblerIcon.png
Cloud Gobbler CloudGobblerIcon.png
Snoots SnootsIcon.png
Gloricious GloriciousIcon.png
Squawks SquawksIcon.png
Tribeak TribeakIcon.png
Stampeed StampeedIcon.png
Flameger FlamegerIcon.png
Dreamlet DreamletIcon.png
Mystember MystemberIcon.png
Nebluff NebluffIcon.png
Sprike SprikeIcon.png
Cogmite CogmiteIcon.png
Mystile MystileIcon.png
Mystyyk MystyykIcon.png
Flame Creator FlameCreatorIcon.png
Forest Neek ForestNeekIcon.png


  • On December 3, 2020, Prodigy released a part 2 to the Harmony Island trailer, where the place on the map and icon were revealed, as well as a lit up area and the battle background.
  • In the trailers[1][2], it states Harmony Island as a 'next chapter' of Prodigy, which could mean that the Academy Elemental Towers could be released soon, with Prodigy saying they were holding back on the releases because they needed a next adventure. This 'next chapter' also ties in with Prodigy's branding update in August 2020, starting a new chapter in Prodigy.
  • There is a hidden path the player can access on the main island which leads to a sighting of a Billyfoot Squirrel.
  • Members get exclusive access to a third Rune Run boss that offer different rewards, such as heart percentage up, etc. Members also get to spin the Lucky Loot 2 times like Crystal Caverns.
  • The player can use 3 runes for each member of their team.
  • The player can only use runes inside Harmony Island and the Arena.
  • Like Crystal Caverns, Harmony Island has the player's pet in the top slot follow you around.
  • The rings surrounding each pet in Harmony Island are green, orange, or red. If the ring is green, it does not have any power-up at all, and it is commonly without sidekicks. Orange has a very mild power up and commonly 1 sidekick, while red means a full power up for each pet (and usually a full team, always at least 1 sidekick).
  • In Harmony Island, players cannot rescue pets.
  • If the player loses a battle, Noot will express his utmost sympathy for the player's loss, then heal the player's team for 100 GoldCoins.png Gold Coins. The player will then be teleported to the starting point of their stage and can retry it (though only the monster the player lost to will heal).
  • Unlike Crystal Caverns, there are no places to heal the player's team along the way, though every time the player start a Rune Run or level up, the player's team's hearts are fully restored. The player should have plenty of items for their Wizard up along their trial.
  • Your team’s health is restored when leveling up or switching gear.
  • If you click a lore tablet, it reveals part of the story line. You must read every tablet to understand the story.
  • Some of the plants (such as the bush with a red berry on top) give you gold, new items like pizza, popcorn or Harmony Island armor; or even nothing. They also sparkle when you are nearby.
  • The red gems are a harder path with better rewards and a greater chance of a non-member chest, while the green gems have easier battles, but less rewards.
  • The teleport stones look similar to the Warden Keystones.
  • The pets here can use moves that would normally have to be unlocked through a Wizard.
  • If the players heals, the item they used will appear, then fade away.
  • When the player use an item, their turn ends.
  • Players cannot use All-Out Attacks in Harmony Island.
  • If the player is lucky enough, the player can go through a stage passively without battling.
  • In some of the Rune Run locations, there is a massive hole resembling the one in Shipwreck Shore the Old One made. It is currently unknown what this means. Next to one, the player will find a Billyfoot Squirrel.
  • All of the player's pets and their health will be fully regenerated during the boss stage (Final Stage) of the Rune Run.
  • Like the Crystal Caverns, the player gets a Lucky Loot when they win a Rune Run, but there are four items that the player can get: coins, Team Potions, Runes or a Buddy.
  • The flames around the teleport stone that leads the player to The Ancient will only activate if they get a rune from their Lucky Loot or arena. The player will not see a torch light up if they do not complete a Rune Run and acquire the runes (critical chance up, damage bonus, heart bonus, elemental bonus, defense, or critical damage bonus) relevant to the Rune Run level they are on. Therefore, the player will have to do another Rune Run.
  • The pets won't have the same amount of health or power as normally that monster would have, they can have over 22,500 health.
  • It is the only place where the player can obtain food that heals everyone in the player's team all at once.
  • If the player leaves Rune Run and completed all the trials, nothing happens.
    • When Harmony Island Part 2 was released, Noot healed the player's team for free.
  • Harmony Island may be the spiritual successor to The Lost Island.
  • On March 4, 2021, Harmony Island Trailer Part 2 was released.
  • In March, 2021, Prodigy changed the lobby music for everyone, and soon another update showed everyone in the Harmony Island lobby.
  • Spell Power Bonuses have no effect on the damage done to opponents on Harmony Island. The reason for this is unknown.
  • On April 1, 2021, Prodigy added new armor, a new wand, and new relics/trials of the Ancient making it Harmony Island Part 2.
  • There will be no Harmony Island Part 3; Harmony confirmed it.
  • The Ancient discloses her name to be Harmony, hence how the island got its name.
  • Sometimes, there is a glitch where the monsters are facing the wrong direction.
  • An update in Wizard Watch tells players of an origins series for Harmony Island, similar to Prodigy Pet Adventures, with the first episode be released on May 18 via Wizard Watch.
  • If the player gets a rune from the Arena, and the rune level is the same as the next trial, the player will take, it will light up a blue torch on Harmony Island, but only if the player has not completed the trials.
  • The Prism Blast spell has a different animation here.

Relics Obtained Here

First Trial: Ancient Earth Relic (Spell: Sneaking Vine)

Second Trial: Ancient Fire Relic (Spell: Molten Crash)

Third Trial: Ancient Water Relic (Spell: Bubble Smackdown)

Fourth Trial (Chapter 2 First Trial): Ancient Storm Relic (Spell: Electro Boom)

Fifth Trial: Ancient Ice Relic (Spell: Frozen Fracture)

Sixth and final Trial: Ancient Astral Relic (Spell: Ray of The Ancient)


Harmony Island Origins

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