Your house is a special zone on the map where you can place furniture that you have bought.

Your House on the Map

Your house is where all wizards start in Prodigy. You will wake up to see Noot, and then go try to get to the Academy. Your house can be customized with furniture that you buy at the store or at events. Non-members are very limited in what they can do with their houses as many of the furniture is member only. However, if you are a member, you are able to buy bigger houses, all furniture and let friends go to your house. Otherwise, the lovely abode would look a bit more...drab.

Types of Houses

When you first start Prodigy, you are in a starter home. If you are a member, you can get different types of houses. There are 4 different categories of houses: Special Houses, Large Houses, Medium Houses, and Small Houses. All houses cost gold, from as low as 500 to 3000.


Furniture is used to decorate your house. You can buy furniture in edit mode for your house or you buy it during the festivals

Special Furniture

Special Furniture can be bought during Pumpkinfest, the Starlight Festival or Winterfest. This furniture is special and resembles the festival (ex, star bed for Starlight Festival). This furniture costs the special currency and has more options for non-members. Also, special furniture can be collected when making 10-chain victories in the Epics Arena, so more of them can be found. It is unknown if the availability of these kinds of special furniture are member-only or non-member.

Visiting Houses

You can visit your house at any time by warping to it from the map. You can also visit your friends houses if they unlocked their house.


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The "Store"

Mah House (Erica Strongrunner)

A Player's House

Screenshot 2017-12-25 at 5.44.54 AM

A House in Edit Mode