Ice Worm
The Ice Wyrm is the boss of Shiverchill Mountains, which replaced Muffins. You do quests that Bok assigns you to until eventually, you will battle this boss twice. The Ice Wyrm has changed it's appearance.

The first battle is easy, as the boss is easy to defeat on the first encounter. However, during the second time, the Ice Wyrm has gained more power, and will not be so easy to defeat. It's attracted to the Power Crystals, used as both its favorite food, and for lighting the furnaces.


The Ice Wyrm resembles a snake/dragon made of blue ice crystals. It has snow on its head, bright yellow eyes, a "beard" made of icicles, and sharp scales. It has green, blue, and pink crystals around its lower body.

First Encounter

The Ice Wyrm will steal one of the Power Crystals and you must fight it to get it back, throughout your journey of completing missions in Shiverchill Mountains. It's the boss of Silverchill Mountains.

Second Encounter

Once Bok gives you the final quest of finding the five fake power crystals, you must return to Bok. Your character will eventually stop and lay out the crystals in the next quest, somewhere in Wyrm's Rest. The Ice Wyrm will take the bait and battle your character. The Ice Wyrm has about 3500 health. After you beat the worm, you can take the real power crystal from its victory chest and light the 3rd furnace, which will warm the mountain up enough to go inside the throne room; which is the place where you can receive the Shiverchill Gem.


  • Ice Wyrms are real; they are tiny worms that live in glaciers. They were common during the Ice Age.
  • The Ice Wyrm will not have health bars, so you will not be able to keep track of its health, even as it uses Glacial shield you cannot keep track of it's health.
  • The appearance of this boss was changed multiple times. It used to be a ginormous armor-fitted polar bear, then a three-eyed worm, and then a type of dragon.
  • Since it is an Ice type, use Fire pets against the boss.
  • It is hinted that the Ice Wyrm's body represents power crystals possessed by someone by Bok in previous versions of prodigy.
  • There was a glitch where you could walk right past it, but that glitch was fixed


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