Key Items are necessary to beat quests in Prodigy.

Many of the key items allow you to access places you wouldn't be able to otherwise. Most of these items have no visual effects, with the exception of the Breathing Bubble.

List of Key Items

Name of Item Icon Description Where to Obtain
Academy Amulet AcademyAmulet "An amulet given to you by Gale, the Academy's Keeper. It allows you to enter the Academy by warping." Academy
Boots of Hotwalk BootsOfHotwalk "These boots will allow the wearer to walk on lava.This item is needed to defeat Cebollini." Bonfire Spire
Breathing Bubble BreathingBubble "Allows wizards to breathe underwater." Shipwreck Shore
Island Map IslandMap "A map of the entire island!" Lamplight Town
Dyno Dig Shovel DynoDigShovel "Use this special shovel to play the Dyno Dig game where you can dig up Dyno fossils to fill the museum." Dyno Dig Oasis
Sonic Blaster SonicBlaster "Used to break up ink blots underwater, this sonic gun was key to helping the pirates defeat the Order of Influence's ancient beast in a war fought long ago." Shipwreck Shore
TEK-Y4 TEK-Y4 "A dancing robot with a neural network processor for dance move acceleration and increased groove accuracy." Lamplight Town
Underwater Camera UnderwaterCamera "Can be used by wizards to take a picture underwater." Shipwreck Shore
Vine Pruner VinePruner "A fiery wand that burns away those pesky vines." Skywatch
Vinecinerator 2000 Vinecinerator2000 "Having trouble with vines that are too thick to burn with your Vine Pruner? Not to worry, here's your Vinecinerator 2000!" Skywatch