Membership is an in-game bonus that grants you the ability to use every game feature, purchased with real money.


Price Monthly  Annually
Normal $8.95 USD $4.99 USD/Month for 12 Months
Tax $0 $0
Together/Total $8.95 USD $4.99 USD/Month for 12 Months

Benefits of Membership

According to, the benefits of membership are:

  • A Member Badge is added to the left of your name, letting everyone know you're a Member.
  • A complete educational section that allows you to learn mathematics.
  • Open Member Chests!
  • Obtain and open Monthly Member Boxes!
  • Evolve pets.
  • More nicknames unlocked for members.
  • Get past Floor 5 of the Dark Tower.
  • Obtain and wear all gear.
  • Rescue more Pets (your limit before being a member is 10).
  • Earn one more attempt at rescuing a new pet.
  • Buy Dynos (the various prehistoric creatures found in Dyno Dig Oasis).
  • Equip more Buddies (unusable in-battle pets that follow you around in the main world).
  • Purchase all buddies.
  • Gain 1.5x more stars after being victorious in battle via Member Stars.
  • Powerful Focus Spell!
  • Glide through the land with a Cloud Mount! (Once you get it, you keep it temporarily even when you are not a member.)
  • Use Potions to give yourself a helping hand during a battle by Scientist Slimerella!
  • Show off your dance moves by Dabbing (the only restricted of the five dances).
  • Unlock all of the Wizard styles that exist.
  • Access special House features like furniture and room layouts.
  • Double the amount of Spins used on the Wheel of Wonder and the Twilight Wheel daily.
  • Powerups when doing Dyno Dig!
  • Powerups when playing the TEK-Y4 minigame!
  • Use the Catapult during Titan battles and earn double the Titan Shards!


  • Membership also gives you the ability to accept members only Bounties, which gives you more Bounty Points. But this does not appear in the list of membership benefits.
  • The pet art on the membership is not updated.


Membership was added to Prodigy Math Game when the game was created and has changed since.

Trial Membership

In version 2.1.2, players were allowed to try a seven-day free trial membership if they had a parent account linked to their account.


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