Membership is an in-game bonus that grants you the ability to use every game feature, purchased with real money.

Price Monthly  Annually
Normal $8.95 (USA) $59.4 (USA)
Tax $0.63 (USA) $4.20 (USA)
Together/Total $9.58 (USA) $63.60 (USA)

Below are a list of benefits both members and non-members can use from the game:

  • A complete educational section that allows you to learn mathematics.
  • Travel to every area.
  • Complete every quest.
  • Dyno Dig without powerups.
  • Access the game.
  • Travel to all servers.
  • 5 levels of the Dark tower
  • Catch pets
  • Get the 'Fox' buddy
  • Dance

Below is a list of benefits you can attain from a Membership:

  • A Member Badge is added to the left of your name, letting everyone know you're a Member.
  • Get past Level 5 of the Dark Tower.
  • Obtain and wear all Gear.
  • Rescue more Pets (your limit before being a member is 10 including released pets, sadly).
  • Catch Dynos (the various prehistoric creatures found in Dyno Dig Oasis).
  • Equip better Buddies (unusable in-battle pets that follow you around in the main world).
  • Gain 1.5x more EXP after being victorious in battle via Member Stars.
  • Open member chests!
  • Get a 2000 gold bonus upon becoming a member.
  • Glide through the land with a Cloud Mount!
  • Use Potions to give yourself a helping hand during a battle.
  • Showing of your Dance Moves by Dabbing (the only restricted of the five dances)
  • Obtain and Open Monthly Member Boxes
  • Unlock all of the Wizard styles that exist.
  • Purchase all Buddies
  • Access special House features like furniture and room layouts.
  • More Spins on the Wheel of Wonder and the Twilight Wheel
  • Get More attempts to rescue a new pet!
  • Powerups when doing Dyno Dig!
  • ...And much more coming soon!


  • The Membership Tab on the Wizard toolbar.
  • A small snip of the membership badge before the name of a wizard with a membership.
  • Member Chests, More Gold, and Monthly Membership Boxes are just a few of the benefits of becoming a Member.
  • Memberships allow other benefits, too!
  • And more!