It appears as a hammer. The handle is made of wood, while the head is made of ice. The head has an intricate design that appears to be a blocky swirl.

In-Game Description

"It is a mystic hammer wielded by the great Frost Beard, some say the hammer grants the wielded the power of a Norse god."

How to Obtain

The Mjoln-Ice can be found in the frozen chest in the Hidden Room. To thaw the chest, obtain the last Power Crystal and light up the final furnace. That can be found by defeating a Wizard, who's guarding a chest in The Chasm, which is far from the start and requires a lot of battling to obtain.

Perfect Pairing


  • Mjoln-Ice is a reference to Mjolnir, Thor's hammer from Norse mythology, and the MARVEL films.
  • The chest containing Mjoln-Ice is an ancient Norse chest.
  • The chest that contains Mjoln-Ice will become a normal chest after opened, oddly.