Mysticle is an ice element pet in Prodigy.


Mysticle looks like a ice horse/pony with a equine with a light pink muzzle and ears. Strings of ice chunks form its tail and mane. Light blue covers the entire body of this pet except for the head and neck, its head and neck is white. Mysticle also has an icy horn on its forehead like a unicorn and a snowflake design on its flank. White markings are spread on its legs. Mysticle has blue hooves and an imperious look on its face.

In-Game Description

"Mysticle can be found skating on frozen lakes or icy places with their slick hooves."

Strengths And Weaknesses

Ice element is weak against:

This element is powerful against:

This element is neutral against:


This pet does not evolve from or into anything.

Obtainment Methods

This pet can be bought for 70 Magic Snowflakes during Winterfest from Howard Cornelius.

Mysticle can be paired with a Arcticlaw or Battaram in Mountain Valley or Shiverchill Gate very rarely.


Element Spell Level Slot Range
IceIcon.png Icicle Shard 1 A 1 out of 3
IceIcon.png Chill Out 16 A 1 out of 3
IceIcon.png Snowling Ball 31 A 1 out of 3
IceIcon.png Winter's Breath 4 B 3 out of 3
IceIcon.png Snowflake Strike 21 B 3 out of 3
IceIcon.png Spearicle Crush 36 B 3 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Water Burst 6 C 1 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Aqua Spear 17 C 1 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Torrent 32 C 1 out of 3
StormIcon.png Static Shock 8 D 3 out of 3
StormIcon.png Storm's Coming 23 D 3 out of 3
StormIcon.png Unlimited Power 38 D 3 out of 3
Sometimes, pets can learn either/or of a move.


  • It was introduced on December 3, 2020 as a new pet for Winterfest.
  • Rumors circulated around a new pet months before Winterfest.
  • This pet's mane looks a bit like the braided hair of Elsa from Frozen.
  • There was a glitch where at first, this pet didn't have a pet slot, even after it was added.
  • This pet may represent a unicorn.
  • Mysticle is currently the newest pet in Prodigy.
  • The formula for finding the amount of hearts a Mysticle has is 100(n+4), With "n" being the level of it.
  • Mysticle gains 100 hearts per level.
  • This pet does not have a old icon, due to it being new.
  • Mysticle has the same amount of hearts and power instead of just having 9836 hearts like the other variants of Mysticle.
  • You can spot her during Winterfest as a snowman.
  • Mysticle is the only horse pet that can be found in one time of the year.


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