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This wiki is a comprehensive guide to the educational game for young students in North America, called Prodigy. In a land of mystery, magic, and monsters, Prodigy island is in trouble due to the uprising of the Order of Influence, an evil corporation of wizards that formed long, long ago to prevent six magical wardens (each represents their own element) from having students at the Lamplight Academy from reaching prodigious prosperity. You must collect the strange and mystical warden keystones in which disappeared from the Academy's pedestals many years ago, which powered the only formal entrance-way into it. Rescue monsters from the mind illusions of the Puppet Master, member of the Order, to become helpful pets in combat and complete quests as you search for the hidden keystones! The game centers around a wizard (you), who helps numerous islanders with magical skills by completing quests and defeating bosses. Prodigy is owned by SMARTEACHER Inc., and the game has gone through many stages. This wiki is not affiliated with the actual Prodigy company in any way. None of the information on this site is official for the game.

Disclaimer: We are not here to steal anything from information to media about the game. If any copyright issues or irrelevant media that's copyrighted occurs, please contact staff members. All information here is either based on the game of Prodigy or from YouTube-based sources, therefore reliable :) This wiki is also incomplete. Not all information here is added. All people of all IP addresses may assist in its completion, however please create an account and email so your contributions can be traced.


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Diveodile is the original Water-element EPIC, a special reptilian pet.

"Diveodile's natural magic ability is boosted by the Warden pendant it wears, allowing it to cast strong water spells to generate water, or even control the water around itself!"

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