The Puppet Master is the main antagonist of Prodigy, debuting in the game by attempting to terminate the Elemental gems but fails to, and instead scatters them across the Prodigy world, cutting off the bridge to the Academy. He has a puppet-like assistant, Pippet, who follows and does whatever he says. After the Puppet Master failed in trying to destroy all 5 Gems, he fled to the Academy.

In Winterfest 2017, he revealed himself to summoning the Titan with his magic. After that, he went back to the Academy. Some people speculate that you will fight him in a new update.


  • It is said that the Puppet Master has a large Titan-Shard-type of gemstone lodged in his staff. It is proven to glow a brighter magenta instead of darker purple when large uses of spells occur.
  • His overworld sprite emanates a faint purple glow, often residually found on members of the Order of Influence and magical creations like the purple lock in the Academy.
  • The Puppet Master has no shadow if he floats anywhere around the surface of the ground/water.
  • Can summon monsters or use spells with dark purple animations, but his sprite himself does not have a pose when using magic (unlike all other game sprites).
  • Whatever his "eyes" are, they somewhat overlap the fabric of his cloak. He therefore springs speculations about what species of organism he actually is.


Attention, most information for the rest of this section is only speculations, which are only theories and can possibly be untrue.
  • The Puppet Master was once a wizard, murdered yet kept his own spirit as obviously he is no longer human.
  • There are infinite possibilities to why he became the main antagonist.
  • The development team may have chosen multiple voice actors to portray his audio attachments.
  • Like the term for a label of a person to be a "puppet master," this NPC takes control and advantage of others around him.
  • Most of his body's remains are inside the folds of his cloak.
  • He no longer has arms of legs, but instead invisible limbs created by his own spellcasting.
  • He could be the 2nd final boss or final boss in Prodigy


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