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Shipwreck Shore

Shipwreck Shore, which was earlier named Barnacle Cove, is now a location in Prodigy where you can obtain the Shipwreck Gem.


On the map, it is seen as one ship broken in to two halves. One of which is sinking into the ocean and the other is floating and with an octopus symbol on it.

In-Game Description

"Defeat the Puppet Master's sea beast, a monster from the old war against the Order of Influence."

Master Wizard

Shipwreck Shore's master wizard is Eve, aka Captain Eve.


Bosses and Their Elements

The Puppet Master's Sea Beast, also known as "Old One". The old boss was Captain Bully.

Merchant Items

Here is a complete list of obtainable items in Shipwreck Shore's Ocean Outfitters. However, house items/furniture will not be included:

Item Type of Item Rarity Price (in Yars) Membership Requirements
Bandana Hats Common (Green) 90 No
Jelly Cap Hats Common (Green) 90 Yes
Deep Diving Helmet Hats Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Captain's Hat Hats Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Dire Pirate Mask Hats Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Sea Sword Cap Hats Rare (Purple) 600 Yes
Buccanneer's Digs Outfits Common (Green) 90 No
Shell Body Armor Outfits Common (Green) N/A No
Crimson Cloak Outfits Common (Green) 90 Yes
Jelly Hakama Outfits Common (Green) 90 Yes
Deep Diving Suit Outfits Uncommon (Blue) 240 Yes
Captain's Digs Outfits Uncommon (Blue) 240 Yes
Dire Pirate Tunic Outfits Uncommon (Blue) 240 Yes
Sea Sword Suit Outfits Rare (Purple) 600 Yes
Shell Armor Boots Boots Common (Green) N/A No
Crimson Boots Boots Common (Green) N/A Yes
Dire Pirate Boots Boots Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Sea Sword Boots Boots Rare (Purple) 200 Yes
Tidal Sphere Wands Common (Green) 120 No
Turtle Topper Wands Uncommon (Blue) N/A No
Caster Clam Wands Common (Green) 120 Yes
Jellyfish Wand Wands Uncommon (Blue) 320 Yes
Toy Parrot Wands Uncommon (Blue) N/A Yes
Spiral Shell Spellcaster Wands Rare (Purple) 800 Yes
Funkeel Pets Uncommon (Blue) 800 N/A
Squibble Pets Rare (Purple) 2000 N/A
Crab Buddies Rare (Purple) 800 No
Cat Fish Buddies Common (Green) N/A Yes
Puffer Fish Buddies Uncommon (Blue) 320 Yes
Baby Squid Buddies Rare (Purple) 800 Yes

Relics Obtained Here


These pets can be found here:

Sides on battles only:

There are no pets here that can only be encountered off to the side on wild encounters that our wiki knows of.

Some pets that used to be obtainable by rescuing but no longer are able to be encountered are:


Here are some nicknames available from Shipwreck Shore that aren't member-only:

  • Treasure Hunter (firstname): Catch a Mimic
  • Buccaneer (firstname)
  • Captain (firstname)

Here are the member-locked nicknames available in Shipwreck Shore:

  • First-mate (firstname)
  • (firstname)beard the Pirate


  • Even though Shipwreck Shore is one of the newest of all locations in the game, the character of Eve never changed...even back when she was the master wizard of Barnacle Cove.
  • With Shipwreck Shore, some special pets that once were almost impossible to obtain were obtainable again through rescuing here. With the deletion of Clockwork Town, Fishbol and Aquariot were rare. They could only then be encountered here. With the quests and battling in Dyno Dig Oasis gone, Muckster was almost impossible to obtain in the wild for many months, returning here. Ivory Truckle was then once able to be rescued here for some time.


Seaweed Sanctuary

Seaweed Sanctuary

Map (2)

Full Map of Shipwreck Shore

Secret Shore Space

Secret Shore Space