Snoots resembles a bird with white, blue, and purple feathers, and black webbed feet. It also seems to be wearing a necklace of deep blue jewels. Its eyes are a bright yellow color, and its beak is the same color of its feet.

In-Game Description

"A Snoots is hard to impress... it always claims to know everything before it was cool."


Snoots --Level 18--> Highfawn --Level 32--> Gloricious

Strengths and Weaknesses

This pet is weak against:

This pet is powerful against:

  • Storm element spells
  • Ice element spells

This pet is neutral against:


Spells Level Unlocked
Ion Cannon 1
Unlimited Power 5
Snowing Ball N/A
Wildfire N/A


There is currently no world named after Snoots, but there might be in a future update!


  • During Winterfest, it is one of the pets you can encounter in a snowman.
  • There is a spelling error in its description. It says "ite" instead of it.
  • At level 100, Snoots may switch from Volcannon to Snowling Ball and Wildfire to Spearicle Crush.
  • Before a recent update, Snoots appeared as big as the player's wizard. But after this update, it shrunk about 50% of its original size.