Storm is one of the five main elements in Prodigy.


Skywatch is home to creatures of the storm element. There, you can catch storm pets and complete the missions. By completing quests for Benni and Broccolina, you can learn the moves, Cloudshot, Bolt, and Trinity.

Weaknesses and Strengths

These element pets are weak to:

These element pets are strong to:


When you arrive at Skywatch you meet 2 beings named Benni and Brocollina. When you click on Benni, your Storm quests begin, asking you to:

  • collect spare parts
  • defeat Hobs
  • incinerate vines
  • Get scrolls (clues)
  • defeat the 4 cloud bosses
  • defeat 3 Aracutes in a row
  • Obtain 2 parts of Master Key
  • defeat all cloud bosses in one battle


Here is a list of all pets found in Skywatch, organized alphabetically:


Here is a list of storm spells, organized from weakest regular spells to strongest regular spells to weakest area spells to strongest area spells to epic attacks):