A pet wants to battle!

The tutorial must be cleared at the beginning of the game before you can freely explore.

You will wake up in your bed, and a guide named Noot wakes you up. You follow him outside. A pet, TripTrop will be angry and challenge you to a battle. Noot will use his magic to ensure that all attacks directed towards your player miss.

After completing your first battle, you are guaranteed to receive 100 battle stars and level up to level two. Then, you will receive a Training Cap.

Upon reaching Pallet Pass, four starter pets will appear in front of your path. You will have to choose one of them. The pet you choose will run to you, while the three others will run away.


Noot then leads you to the Academy. Just in time, you see the Warden Keystones disappear. Apparently, a shadow blast had destroyed all six of them, according to the Puppet Master. He wants the civilians to lack knowledge so that they would fall to his mind illusions.

Pippet, however, points out there were only five in the room. The Puppet Master is crushed. Noot says it is time for them to leave because he senses a presence. Noot and your player leave the Academy, the Puppet Master and Pippet following shortly.

Fortunately, Noot says the Warden Keystones cannot be destroyed, so all that blast did was scatter them around the island. He then allows you to take on a last name and gives you the Island Map.

On the Island Map, you are first allowed to travel to Firefly Forest, Shiverchill Mountains, Skywatch, Bonfire Spire, and Shipwreck Shore.


In Older Versions

  • You would battle an Emburn instead of a TripTrop.
  • Your player would have to save the shopkeeper from two other pets, making you battle three pets in the tutorial which may have been a Truckle, Browl, or other.
  • The Training Cap and Training Wand would have to be obtained from battle after the tutorial, not before.
  • You would arrive at Firefly Forest before being able to choose another location.
  • Other first-battle monsters that would run into you could be a Battaram, Luminite, etc.