Winterfest is an event that celebrates Christmas and other winter holidays. It is used in reference to those holidays.


Every day during Winterfest, one of the Puppet Master's scouts tries to sneak into Lamplight Town, by disguising themselves as a snowman. These may vary in monsters. Find the snowman and defeat the monster inside. If you do, you will collect a bunch of Magic Snowflakes. You get 10 Magic Snowflakes to be exact.

Items for Sale

Name Cost Member Only?
Baby Reindeer 35 No
Baby Snowman 30 Yes
Baby Penguin 10 Yes
Name Cost Member Only?
Confetti 2 No
Fireworks 1 No
Name Cost Member Only?
Deluxe Holiday Bow 50 No
Earmuffs 10 No
Fancy Holiday Bow 20 No
Fancy Tophat 5 Yes
Lady Yeti Mask 15 Yes
Male Yeti Mask 15 Yes
Nice Holiday Bow 1 No
Parka Hood 10 No
Reindeer Antlers 25 No
Snowman Head 10 Yes
Winter Hat 5 No
Winterfest Hat 10 Yes
Name Cost Member Only?
Anorak Suit 15 No
Deluxe Gilt Gift 50 No
Fancy Holiday Present 20 No
Nice Holiday Box 1 No
Winterfest Outfit 20 Yes
Yeti Coat 20 No
Name Cost Member Only?
Winter Bell 15 No
Name Cost Member Only?
Winter Boots 5 No
House Items
Name Category Cost Member Only?
Cheery Chair 10 No
Classical Winterfest Bed 10 Yes
Cozy Couch 10 No
Cozy Winterfest Rug 10 No
Decked Out Festive Bed 15 No
Evergreen Comfy Chair 5 Yes
Evergreen Dining Chair 5 No
Evergreen Garland 10 No
Festive Feast Table 10 No
Festival Side Table 5 No
Festival Tree 20 Yes
Jolly Fireplace 15 Yes
Red Display Gift 5 No
Seasonal Stocking 10 No
Snowman Slumber Bed 10 Yes
Yellow Display Gift 8 No
Winterfest Den Lamp 5 Yes



Lamplight Town during Winterfest


A battle for Magical Snowflakes